Foto: Mimmi Blomquist

What can you do?

Get involved in citizen science by:

  1. Learning
  2. Reporting an infected or dying plant
  3. Submitting a sample as a specialist volunteer

At the very least, by reading through this website and becoming familiar with this invasive tree disease. You will be helping to increase public awareness and gain new knowledge about these invasive forest threats in Sweden and elsewhere in the world. Humans have had a major role in the spread of invasive Phytophthora diseases around the world, and locally in our forests. Because of the ease at which Phytophthora can be transmitted through soils and human interactions, you can think about this also the next time you are planting a horticultural plant near trees in your backyard or see diseased trees along a hiking trail.

Join one of our public workshops!

All of us see trees every day, whether it be on our streets in our neighbourhood, in the park or outside the school. Say you’re hiking or biking around in an area and happen to spot an infected tree. You can photograph the tree with your smart phone and record the location of that tree and other details on its location. Send that information to one of our Citizen Science coordinators at SLU and we can proceed with making a site visit and collect samples.
By helping us report the location of diseased trees, you are not only saving time usually spent on planned field days where researchers would have to travel around Sweden taking samples, but you’re also likely to reach corners of Sweden that we would have never found without you!

Instructions for reporting here!

Foto: Mimmi Blomquist

Specialist volunteer

You can become a citizen scientist by joining our data collection team! That means you are yourself collecting samples after being in contact with us. 
All specialist volunteers will be trained annually by the Citizen Science Coordinators at SLU to be able to correctly identify symptoms and signs of Phytophthora diseases and to collect bark and soil.
You could be discovering and helping us to control an infection centre that would have never been found without your help! Given the increasing rate at which Phytophthora is spreading around Sweden, that’s a significant contribution!

Instructions for sampling here!

Ultimately, this project gives Swedish citizens a chance to be an amateur scientist by participating and contributing to scientific research while also helping to protect important natural biodiversity.


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