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We need samples from damaged trees from all over Sweden to get a closer look at the DNA of the Phytophthora. With that information we get to know what kind of Phytophthora lives where and maybe we will be able to predict where it’s going to spread in the future. So if you have the opportunity, take samples from the damaged trees you see out there in the woods and send to us!

Phytophthora Citizen Science sample excursion be one of our scientistsFOLLOW THESE STEPS to take a sample:

1. Choose a good day for an excursion.
Find a dying or sick looking tree (use our pictures and information about what a phytophthora-infected tree looks like).

2. Contact us – it’s important for us to be able to sort all the samples:
Michelle Cleary (michelle.cleary@slu.se) 0046 040 41 51 81 or
Johanna Witzell (johanna.witzell@slu.se) 0046 0702 95 08 20.
Before taking samples you might need approval of the forest owner!

Imagine a square about 50-100 cm from the stem of the tree (picture below). Take four soil samples (use only clean instruments!), one in each corner of the imagined square, by removing 5 cm of the soil and then take the sample. Put the samples, about 0,25 L of soil each, in different plastic bags.
You need to contact our researchers to get instructions for a cortex sample!


Note this information:
• Species of the tree
Location of the samples (coordinates and/or precise information)
Site: did you take the samples in a city, park or forest?
• Age or size (diameter) of the tree
• Your contact information: name, phone and email

Make sure you have an agreement with us, then send the notes and samples to:
Michelle Cleary och Johanna Witzell
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU)
Box 49
230 53 Alnarp


Welcome to write about your excursion and samples in Phytoforum!

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Phytophthora Citizen Science take a sample be one of our researchers