Why Citizen science in Phytophthora research?

Phytophthora oak

Phytophthora on oak at Visingsö, Sweden. Photo: Mimmi Blomqvist

Once the disease is established, it is difficult to eradicate. But, figuring out where Phytophthora pathogens are now and predicting where they could be threatening forests and urban landscape settings in the future, is absolutely essential to try to control its spread. Ultimately, reducing the expansion of Phytophthora will, at the very least, provide more time to save trees and find solutions for effective management.Find management guidelines here!

Moreover, learning where the disease is present, but not detrimental, is necessary to our understanding of the trees’ natural strategies of fighting the disease and even discovering trees that are resistant and use this genetic resistance in the population for future planting in areas threatened by Phytophthora.

The more people that help with this project, the greater the chances are of discovering Phytophthora pathogens on the landscape. We need your help to increase the surveillance and reporting of diseased trees!

Help us increase the scope of our Phytophthora sampling by becoming a citizen scientist! Here’s how.